Strong convection Type Radiator

Strong convection Type Radiator
Strong convection Type Radiator

Lowland Table glass curtain wall Type

The windowsill embedded radiator is a kind of convection radiator which can realize monomer or continuous arrangement, which can be designed according to the shape of the structure of the building, closely fits the continuous arrangement of the inner wall or floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall, and the appearance is uninterrupted, showing the unity of heating and decoration.

Window sill embedded radiator is a combination of office buildings, shopping malls and other windowsill of the special structure, in its internal placement of heat dissipation elements, to use limited space to heat cold air purposes. Only a very low part of the windowsill, high about 150~250mm, continuous surround type radiator mounting height and the same height as the platform, the following left about 50mm into the wind space, compact structure, exquisite, practical, good decorative effect.

In a variety of glass-based modern and commercial buildings, due to the small number of physical walls can not be installed conventional radiation radiators and air conditioning equipment, while the installation will also give a very dissonant visual feeling, in view of this in order to meet the hot and cold load, that is, the requirements of building structure coordination and beautiful do not occupy space, We have developed a hidden installation on the floor embedded convection radiator, can meet a variety of design requirements.

ES products can be "stealth embedded" or low table on the way for the building environment to provide filtered, heated, cooling treatment of the air, according to the specific situation, often independent as a cold source, or as an auxiliary heat source with other hot and cold sources in conjunction with the use.

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