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Yasumoto Air Purifier is committed to becoming a steady development, win-win cooperation of the credibility of the enterprise. For Yasumoto Air purifier, brand reputation is more important than visibility, so, in addition to trying to develop better technology, improve product quality, Android Air purifier pay more attention to every trust and choose the partner of the yuan. For each partner, Yasumoto in addition to ensuring efficient, high-quality supply, but also to provide a full range of services and support:

After the cooperation, the Yuan Air purifier will be based on the actual situation of the partners to assign professional trainers to the partners of the salesman and so on training.

Partners to promote publicity or promotional activities, the Yuan air purifier will be in the human, material and policy support, with partners to do a good job in every promotion and promotion.

For partners with rapid sales growth and a large number of incoming goods, the Hoi Yuan Air purifier will give more favorable policies and greater support. At the same time, for partners who do not have an ideal sales situation, Yasumoto also helps to participate in the analysis of causes and discussion of countermeasures when the other person needs them, and gives policy and resource support.

Yasumoto Air purifier for all products to provide "7 days return, 1 years replacement, 3 years repair" after-sales service policy, for each partner to lift the worries, with practical action to support.