Anti-static filter

Anti-static filter
Anti-static filter

At present, the global environment is deteriorating, especially the air environment closely related to human beings, has seriously endangered the health of mankind. Meanwhile. Some key parts of modern high technology require extremely high environmental purification. Therefore, modern society needs air filters with the advantages of high efficiency, low resistance and so on. Traditional air filtration materials are not ideal for filtration performance, that is, the price (cost) is too expensive. Anti-static air filtration materials have the advantages of high filtration efficiency, small resistance and antibacterial, and have been widely used in life science, clinical medicine and environmental purification engineering in the past 20 or 30 years.

Anti-static filter, wind through can produce static electricity without connecting electricity non-aging situation, can be used for a long time.

Filter material can be washed or blown by a wind gun

* High dust rate and long service life

* Low Initial resistance

* Lightweight and easy to install

* Low Cost


In terms of product types, can meet the different rooms on product quality and air purification diversification requirements, and accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge, cutting-edge production equipment and professional production and R & amp; d team, means that clean companies in the purification of the market has no comparable competitive advantage. Yasumoto Company has several professional sales engineers in the country, from the customer's contact and visit, our sales engineers to use their expertise, for you to start a meticulous consulting services. From the application of the product, selection of quotations and order follow-up to production, complete delivery. This series of processes, are fully reflected in the company to customer-centric service purposes, according to the performance of the filter, we can help you in setting specifications to ensure that you have a good air purification system, and in order to help you save costs on the premise of the system for energy consumption analysis, Our sales assistant will provide you with the consulting services you need, such as delivery time, type of transportation and when to arrive, when you follow up on your production order, in order to fully meet your requirements for suppliers and enjoy the highest level of prestige brought about by quality service.

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