Metal Mesh Filter

Metal Mesh Filter
Metal Mesh Filter

Metal Mesh Filter Application fields

Metal mesh filters are used in central air-conditioning hood and primary filtration, special acid, alkali or high temperature ventilation filtration.

1, the general building building air conditioning rough dust filtration system.

2, the primary filtration of industrial-grade air ventilation equipment.

3, the requirements of acid and alkali resistance, high strength, high temperature resistant ventilation system.

4, car assembly workshop in the wax spray room filtration.

Design features

1, filter by different specifications of the ups and downs of the aluminum mesh composition, staggered placed in the inner frame;

2, reduce the gap between the aluminum mesh, play a better filter;

3, for acid, alkali or high temperature resistance environment, you can choose stainless steel frame and stainless steel twists and turns mesh production.

Metal mesh filter, large air volume, small resistance, repeatable cleaning use, long service life.

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