Qingdao High Efficiency air filter easily solves air problems in the car

Qingdao High Efficiency air filterEasily solve air problems in the car

When we drilled into the air-conditioned compartment in the three-volt day, we could literally describe our feelings with physical and mental pleasure, and the feeling of being cool wrapped made us ignore the existence of something else. That is the pollution in the car, car air purifier to solve the car pollution.

In the air-conditioned car for a long time, we will find that the beginning of the refreshing feeling gradually faded, but instead of more and more suffocated, head-on, let us dizzy and lethargic. I believe that many people feel the same way, is not still very puzzled, why the healthy body at some point suddenly become weak and weak, and a place to air circulation has recovered?

In fact, this is not surprising, because the car space is small and closed, very easy to breed a variety of bacteria and mold, while some of the interior of the car will continue to evaporate harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and so on. Visible, keeping the air fresh has become another key link to ensure the health and safety of the people in the car.

Traditionally, we can choose to open the window regularly to solve this problem. But today's urban air has also been seriously polluted, car exhaust, industrial waste gas, dust, life exhaust gas, and so on, even if we change the air in the car, still can not achieve the goal. So we also need to use more modern means to solve this problem, that is, the use of efficient air filters.

At present, the market has a KE zhongtai car high-efficiency air filter 165A, is a good choice for consumers. Because it in addition to formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, smoke, smoke and other effects are very obvious. Vehicle high Efficiency air filter 165A is the use of Ke Guotai air purifier company non-equilibrium positive and negative oxygen ion tube purification technology, through the low energy state excitation oxygen ion tube continuously in 340,000 times per second, to 250.03 billion/ The high ion concentration of the cm3 in the air alternately to release positive and negative oxygen ions (positive and negative oxygen ion ratio of 1:1.5). Through the mutual attraction between positive and negative ions to generate energy, effectively remove PM2.5, odor, formaldehyde and pathogens, a solution to the space inside the 4 major problems, no need for regular cleaning, no consumables, very long service life, safety, environmental protection.

Air purifier is mainly composed of motors, fans, air filters and other systems, its working principle is: the motor and fan in the machine so that the indoor air circulation flow, polluted air through the air filter inside the machine will be a variety of pollutants removed or adsorbed, Some models of air purifier will also be installed in the outlet Negative ion generator (when working in the negative ion generator high Voltage generated DC negative pressure), the air is constantly ionized, producing a large number of negative ions, by the breeze fan sent out, the formation of negative ion airflow, to achieve the purpose of cleaning, purifying the air.

Purification principle of passive adsorption filtration type (filter purification Class)

The main principle of the passive air purifier is: Using the fan to pump air into the machine, through the built-in filter to filter the air, mainly can play the role of filtering dust, odors, toxic gases and killing some bacteria. And the filter is mainly divided into: Particulate matter filter and organic filter. Particulate filter is divided into coarse-effect filter, and fine particulate matter filter.

The quality of the fans and filters of these products determines the effect of air purification, the location of the machine placement and the layout of the interior will also affect the purification effect.

Active purification principle (no filter type)

The fundamental difference between the principle of the active air purifier and the passive air purification principle is that the active air purifier gets rid of the limit of the fan and the filter, not the passive waiting for the indoor air to be pumped into the purifier for filtration and purification, but the effective and active release of the purification and sterilization factor into the air, through the air will spread the characteristics, Arrive at all corners of the room to purify the air without a dead end.

The technology of purifying sterilization factor on the market mainly has silver ion technology, anion technology, low temperature plasma technology, photocatalyst Technology and net Ion Group Ion Technology, and the biggest defect of this kind of product is the problem of excess ozone release amount.

Double Purification class (active purification + passive purification)

This purifier is in fact the passive purification technology and active purification of the technology to combine.