Disassembly and inspection process of constant temperature and humidity equipment

Constant temperature and humidity equipmentThe disassembly and inspection process

A customer reaction said, "constant temperature and humidity test box used for a long time, compressor a bit of a problem, want to understand the specific demolition method", for the fully enclosed compressor group, its compact structure, exquisite assembly, in disassembly and assembly, should pay special attention to its methods and procedures.

Compressor motor disassembly: Generally speaking, motor winding burning fault more. You can loosen and remove the stator fixing bolts, remove the stator, and then repair or wrap the stator winding. In the constant temperature and humidity test box compressor unit before loading, we must carefully clean the inspection of the relevant parts and valves. Assembly can be in the disassembly of the reverse direction order, reference reset mark, one by one correctly reset each component. Exhaust pipe tube Installation, should pay attention to can not touch with the inside of the machine, so that its suspension fixed good.

Compressor Shell Sawing method: can be manually sawed open, but also can be cut open with special machine tools. Before sawing, the compressor housing should be wiped clean, in the compressor upper and lower shell of the weld at the repair of the displacement mark. When sawing, pay attention to the depth of the cutting mouth to prevent damage to the parts inside.
After sawing the shell, do not blindly disassemble the parts inside the machine, to carefully observe whether the exhaust pipe and reed break, whether the compressor seat is rusty, whether the piston is jammed, whether the valve is deformed, carefully check whether the terminal is complete, whether the winding is burned, whether the rotor and piston of the rotating motor are flexible, whether the suction tubing is smooth, etc. After analysis to determine the fault site or fault parts, to carry out repair, so as not to expand the fault and increase the workload of demolition and repair.

Compressor and motor by combination placed in the same constant temperature and humidity test box chassis, in the chassis filled with a certain amount of lubricating oil, in the chassis is equipped with 3 lead connection takeover and 1 electric box, from the shape of the look round or oval. Therefore, when repairing the compressor, care should be taken to remove, repair and assemble the correct steps carefully.
Constant temperature and humidity test box compressor before removing, should be used cutting knife or scissors to open a small hole in the process tube release refrigerant, and then from the original assembly of the pipe joints welded or cut the pipe, loose to fix the screws, remove the compressor. The lubricating oil in the chassis can be poured out of the back pipe to record the amount of oil as a basis for re-refueling after repair.
Warm tip: If your constant temperature and humidity test box needs to be disassembled to solve the fault, and you are not a professional, small or recommended that you timely repair, so that professional technical engineers to help you quickly solve the problem, so as to avoid improper operation caused by damage.