Working principle and technical development of Qingdao Air Purification Project

Qingdao Air Purification ProjectWorking principle and technical development of

How it works:

Air Purifier Working principle classification Active Purification Type no filter type according to the active sterilization principle of these products can be divided into silver ion technology, anion technology, low temperature plasma technology, photocatalyst Technology and net Ion Group Ion technology.

The working principle of Air purification project is: Using the fan to pump air into the machine, through the built-in filter to filter the air, mainly can play the role of filtering dust, odor, toxic gas and killing some bacteria. Filter is also divided into: dust filter, formaldehyde filter, deodorant filter, HEPA filter and so on. One of the higher cost is the HEPA filter, which can play a role in decomposing toxic gases and sterilization, especially to suppress two of pollution. This kind of product is characterized by the fan function and the quality of the filter to determine the purification effect, the placement of the machine and indoor layout affect the purification is complete, indoor purification effect is not balanced, it is difficult to complete, filter replacement cost is higher.

Technology development:
First generation: Silver ion Purification technology

Simply put, the silver block ionization into the air to play the effect of sterilization shortcomings of high product costs, low bacterial killing rate, the virus has little killing characteristics. Product representative: Early Panasonic air purifier.

Second generation: Ion Technology

The main principle is the use of electrostatic release of negative ions, adsorption of concentrated air dust to play a role in dust reduction, while negative ions on the air oxygen also has the role of ionization into ozone, bacteria have a certain killing effect, such products have the advantage of low production costs. Product representative: Jadot, Philips.

Third generation: Temperature plasma technology

The main principle is that by giving the gas an additional voltage to the discharge voltage of the gas, the gas is penetrated, producing a variety of highly oxidizing cryogenic plasma, and in a very short period of time the contact