Large heating and air conditioning unit

Large heating and air conditioning unit
Large heating and air conditioning unit

Large warm and coldQingdaoAir conditioning UnitIs my company's R & amp; D can achieve a set of heating, refrigeration, ventilation three kinds of functions and one of the new air conditioning units, the equipment is widely used in large/special large-scale industrial plants, large-scale exhibition centers, gymnasiums, warehouses, supermarkets and other tall space places, the maximum service height of up to 30 meters. Cold/hot water can be used in cold/heat media.

This series of products through my company several generations of product R & amp; d and improvement, has been achieved remote control, one-click Start/Stop, free setting and other humanized functions, the series of products with simple installation, stable operation, easy to operate, energy saving, low cost and many other characteristics.

  • Processing customization: Yes

  • Brand: E. s/, Ann Yuan

  • Model: ES030AUF,050,075,100,150,200

  • Studio Size: Customizable (mm)

  • Temperature range: Basic equipment 22± (℃)

  • Temperature fluctuation: 2 (℃)

  • Temperature uniformity: ±0.5℃~±0.2℃ (%)

  • Temperature control mode: DDC

  • Scope of application: hospitals, precision accessories, auto parts, shopping malls, schools and other places where constant temperature is needed