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What is Qingdao air conditioning unit?

What is Qingdao air conditioning unit?

Air conditioning units are closely related to our lives and are an essential part of our lives, so what is an air conditioning unit?

Qingdao Air Conditioning UnitThat is, through the R22 and other refrigerant, through the compressor work, heat transfer to produce 7-12 degrees of cold water to provide the end of the air conditioning box equipment used, mainly air-cooled and water-cooled two major species.

Combination Air conditioning unit

Air conditioning unit is a variety of air treatment function section assembled from the air treatment equipment general name. Suitable for air conditioning systems with resistance greater than 100Pa. Unit Air Treatment function segments are: Air mixing, uniform flow, filtration, cooling, one and two heating, dehumidification, humidification, fan, air return machine, water jet, muffler, heat recovery and other units. Li Feng JK series combined Clean Air conditioning unit air volume from 3500m3/h to 200000m3/h 30 specifications a total of 12 functional segments for users to freely choose the combination.

Mainly applicable to a variety of clean plant air purification system. such as industrial electronics factory, Precision machinery Factory, textile workshop, GMP Pharmaceutical Factory, cosmetics, food factory, Pure Water Workshop, Hospital surgery department, ICU and many other occasions.

New Air return mixing segment
1, the new air outlet position according to the design requirements can be set at the end, top or left and right sides, such as when inconsistent with this sample, to provide a specific opening position. Adjustable valve can be assembled on the new air outlet, the actuator has manual, electric and pneumatic three types, by the user optional.
2, Filter section has the first, medium effect filtration two, equipped with rhomboid bag type, four peak bag type, can also be equipped with automatic winding type, filter material with high-quality polyester wheel non-woven fabric, and the use of filter rapid loading and dismantling mechanism, cover display and alarm device.
New Row Wind Segment
(also known as Flat top split wind mixing section) This section of the box has a return valve, valve before and after the box top each set up a row of air vents and new vents, and with a control valve, its function is: when there is a return machine, air conditioner discharge part of the return wind, so that the new wind and a return wind in proportion to the requirements of mixing; When a DC system is used during the transition season, a return valve should be closed Fully open exhaust valve and new air valve.
Energy Recovery Segment
It is used for cross-split wind mixing and exhaust energy recovery in dual-fan systems. This section of the box has a return valve, the top of the energy collector, it is a use of air exhaust cold (heat) to indirectly cool (heating) fresh air, the new air through the plate energy recovery device, can recover the exhaust air energy volume of about 60%. At the same time, exhaust and fresh air are not directly in contact, especially suitable for the removal of indoor harmful gases of the DC air conditioning system energy recovery. When using the DC system, the air return valve should be closed once, there is a highly toxic gas site should be set up a separate exhaust system, it is not appropriate to use this section.
Middle segment (Overhaul section)
This paragraph from the Transition section of the Connection and unit internal maintenance lighting. Before the filter section, the middle section should be set before and after the cold section, Heating section and Anechoic section of the table.
Secondary return air segment
Connect the middle section of the two-time air return pipe, the top can be set to adjust the valve, equipped with manual, electric or pneumatic adjustment mechanism, by the user optional, this section can also be each and in the fan section.
Table Cooling Section
Table cooler using four, six or eight drains of copper pipe string aluminum foil structure, aluminum foil for the double flip corrugated edge form, large bending pipe heat exchanger to reduce 60% of the welding elbow, improve the heat exchange power, advanced mechanical pipe tube form to ensure the contact performance of the heat exchanger, the heat exchanger divided into fixed and rotating two types, the user can choose a type as needed , the heat medium uses steam or hot water.