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Application fields of constant temperature and humidity equipment

Constant temperature and humidityEquipmentAreas of application

Swimming pool

A medium-sized swimming pool emits about 1 metric tons of water a day. Failure to remove effectively will be detrimental to the building structure. In addition, people who are active at the edge of the pool will also feel uncomfortable. These will affect the income of the swimming pool. Relative humidity should be controlled below 65%.

Swimming pool is a high energy consumption place, operating costs are very important. The Hygroscopic dehumidifier not only successfully controls humidity, but can save about 50% of operating costs compared to other systems.

Water Treatment Plant

The temperature of groundwater and lake in cold zone is often lower than that of atmospheric dew point, and the phenomenon of water pipeline valve and control system often occurs, resulting in corrosion and mold growth. The dehumidifier is suitable for use at low temperatures and provides proper humidity control. And can save the cost of replacement valve and control system, but also to ensure the quality of tap water.

Surface treatment & amp; coating

Large cold metal surfaces, such as hulls and chemical storage tanks, must be painted regularly, unless the owner can ensure that the metal surface is dry and clean at the time of application, otherwise the manufacturer is unwilling to guarantee the life of the surface treatment. By using a dehumidifier to supply dry air to the surface so that it is not exposed, the contractor can be applied without the influence of the weather to shorten the duration.


It is well known that wet air entering the freezer will cause indoor walls, floors and tubes to freeze and frosting. Freezing of evaporation tubes can cause headaches such as significantly reduced freezing efficiency and elevated refrigeration temperatures.

The dehumidifier can operate at low temperatures and remove moisture before the air enters the freezer, reducing the amount of frosting and increasing the efficiency of the evaporator, and the dry floor can improve the safety of the operator.

Historic buildings

Many century-old churches have been wet, marble flooring all year round wet, murals and hanging paintings are damaged by moisture, mold and salt crystal appeared on the wall and pillars, gorgeous stained glass is not immune. Many of the methods that have been tried to fix in the past have failed. It is very important to protect these historical relics. At present, more than the Hygroscopic Dehumidifier has been installed to maintain a fixed relative humidity.

After the device, the mold has been eliminated, the floor can be kept dry, and the wood is no longer bent, and the frescoes and paintings have been successfully repaired.


The corrosive phenomenon of matter can be regarded as the process by which a substance becomes another substance through chemical change. Many corrosive reactions must rely on oxygen, which can be catalyzed by moisture and accelerated by reaction.

Iron metals such as iron and steel are known to be corroded by moisture. But few people know that Glass can also be corroded and cracked by water gas. Pure crystals such as sodium iodide and lithium fluoride can also be corroded by moisture in the air to form oxides or hydroxides.

Modern society is increasingly dependent on computers, communication equipment and lightweight composite materials for high-energy batteries. Although its appearance does not rust, it is sensitive to small corrosion.

Military storage

After the Korean War of the 1950, the United States military used dry air to protect suspended warships, machinery and weapons for a long time. This technology saves millions of of your storage costs. In Europe in the 1970, hygroscopic equipment was first used to protect military equipment in service. Today, the world has been a large number of applications, in addition to reducing maintenance costs, but also to improve the aircraft, tanks, warships and logistics of the fighting power.

Electronic protection

The use of computer and other electronic equipment voltage current is very small. When the corrosion layer on the circuit surface is attached, the resistance reduction efficiency is increased, which seriously affects its performance. Humidity control avoids these problems and saves correction time and increases the life of electronic products.

Generator Set Preservation

When power plant units are shut down due to maintenance or excess power generation, the use of dehumidifiers to supply dry air to steam turbines and power generation machinery is less expensive than filling nitrogen and is more effective than adding corrosion inhibitors or oil storage. Dry air method is not only simple, but also allows machinery to quickly return to power generation work.

Lithium battery Manufacturing

Lithium, plutonium and other high-energy metals, when the moisture in the atmosphere makes it corrosive, will catch fire and cause harm. Dehumidifier can control the relative humidity of its mass production area below 1%, making lithium batteries can be manufactured in large quantities and no longer expensive.

Condensation condensation

When the cold surface comes into contact with the wet air, its surface will be exposed, causing some problems, for example, the supermarket display cabinet glass outside the surface condensation, consumers may not be unable to see the contents of the cabinet. In addition, the internal structure of the aircraft is exposed by aircraft flying into moist airspace from high-cold areas, which can lead to serious consequences. Dehumidifiers have been used to solve these problems. The use of condensation control is not only to solve problems, such as the process of low-temperature rollers, if in the dry air environment, but also to increase production, reduce the occurrence of undesirable products.

Skating rink

Wet external gas Enter the rink and the moisture generated by the audience condenses on the surface of the ice, making the ice softer and more uneven and detrimental to the skater. If the surface temperature of the rink structure is below the dew point temperature, its surface will also be exposed, and there will be potentially dangerous electrical appliances for the whole building.


Wet external gas into the bedroom, clothes, bedding and so on will be wet, the skin is very uncomfortable, and the damp air person feels uncomfortable breathing suffocated, easy to cause arthritis, dermatitis and other lesions.

Dehumidifier can avoid the above problems, and because of the prior removal of latent heat so that the freezer can save considerable power, the ice can also have a good surface for skaters to play their strengths.