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What factors do I need to consider to do cold storage construction?

What factors do I need to consider to do cold storage construction?

See others do cold storage to make money, but when they do it because of the inconsiderate thinking, for this piece of understanding and lead to their own failure, thenCold Storage ConstructionWhat do you need to think about before?

Cold storage Price is the first factor to be considered before you do cold storage, how much does it cost to do a cold storage, what materials do you need, and what are the operating costs in the later stages after the cold storage is built? Cold storage power consumption is not high? How long can cold storage be used? Can you apply for national agricultural machinery subsidy or something when you build a cold storage? These are cold storage prices must take into account the factors, reasonable use of these factors can effectively reduce their own construction of cold storage costs, to the most affordable cold storage prices to build the best cold storage!

Four factors to consider in cold storage prices

With the continuous understanding of cold storage, cold storage applications are extensive (can be used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, hotel catering, electronics industry and so on), now people's demand for cold storage is increasing, but many people on the cold storage knowledge is not very understanding, many customers come up only to ask the cold storage price, Then is a few cold storage companies together to compare prices, whose price is cheaper, choose his products, in fact, this is a very wrong point of view, cold storage construction and cost to consider a lot of factors, purely only consider the price words may affect the quality of cold storage and after-sales service

Factors affecting the price of cold storage:

One: There are many kinds of cold storage library Boards

1, Color steel plate: With strong anti-rust ability, no anti-corrosion ability

2, stainless steel PLATE: High-quality anti-corrosion, anti-rust materials

3, saline steel: beautiful appearance, with a certain anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability

4, polyurethane plate is made entirely of PU, or by PU and colored steel plate composite formation of polyurethane sandwich panel

Second: Temperature difference: The lower the cold storage temperature requirements, the faster the cooling speed requirements, the higher the price, the opposite is cheap.

Third: The type of refrigeration unit: Bizel, grain wheel are relatively well-known brand prices relative to the cost of higher.

Its four: geographical problems: If your cold storage distance is too far will cause labor costs, freight transport costs, construction time and so on will cause the price above the difference!