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Cleaning method of high efficiency air filter for home Qingdao

HouseholdQingdaoHigh Efficiency air filterThe cleaning method

Air pollution is getting worse now, with many people starting to use household air purifiers in their homes and using it to purify the air in their homes. But you think you can rest easy with a home air purifier, and you're naïve.

The first layer of filter commonly found inside the household air purifier is a pre-filter mesh shaped like a large air conditioning filter, which can pre-filter larger particulate contaminants such as hair and pet hair. However, the use of a long time will gather a certain amount of dust, thus affecting the intake, affect the effect of air purification, so need to clean up in a timely manner.

About the household Air Purifier Filter cleaning method, the brand is not the same, the model is not the same, the cleaning method is also different. Household Air Purifier Filter General cleaning method is to turn off the machine power supply, plug removal, and then the front guard from the bottom to slowly pull out, so that after the removal of the front layer filter, and remove the front layer filter behind the full effect filter, the front layer filter under the Water Dragon rinse can be. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned with a soft brush, but not with bleach or alcohol. After that will wash the clean filter naturally dry, re-installed on the OK. In addition to this wash, dust can also be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Feel clean or relatively convenient and fast.

Household Air Purifier Filter filter Air flow

Specific small parts below to teach you how to clean the household air purifier filter and precautions. Helps you better clean indoor air:

1, pre-filter network

Pre-filter generally to clean up 1-2 times a month is appropriate, cleaning can remove the filter, the use of vacuum machine or rag to clear the dust away, with a soft dry cloth wipe clean air conditioner shell dirt, can also be used warm water scrub, do not use hot water or combustible oil and other chemical substances scrub. If the manufacturer indicates that the filter can be washed, after using water to wash clean, you need to dry or blow dry with a hairdryer before loading the household air purifier.

2, HEPA filter

Home Air Purifier HEPA filter is an internationally recognized best efficient filter material, the original HEPA used in nuclear energy research protection, is now widely used in precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research and surgery, such as the need for clean and clean places. HEPA is composed of very small organic fibers, the ability to capture particles is strong, small aperture, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and has water absorption, for 0.3 microns of particle purification rate of 99.97%. The use of HEPA technology filter, if not specified can not be washed, but in the current domestic more serious indoor air pollution situation, HEPA filter life is generally only 3 months or less, which means that HEPA filter needs to be replaced frequently.

Although the replacement cost of HEPA filter is higher, it can also extend its service life to a certain extent by cleaning the vacuum cleaner, but if the general white HEPA filter surface has tended to be black, in order to ensure the effect of air filtration and good health, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

3, Activated carbon filter

In the maintenance of activated carbon filter, although it also needs to be replaced frequently to avoid adsorption saturation, but also through the regular removal of it, placed in the sun exposure, in order to maintain its purification effect, extend its service life.

And when there is more dust on the fan blades, you can use a long brush to remove the dust on it, generally speaking every six months can be maintained. Dust/odor sensor cleaning and maintenance, it is recommended to refer to the guidance steps on the product manual.

Home Household Air Purifier in the initial use should pay attention to the actual needs, choose the appropriate indoor location, placement to ensure that the home air purifier smooth placement, while ensuring that the inlet and outlet smooth, and then placed at room temperature for half an hour before the boot use.

Finally, when the domestic air purifier is not used, it should be thoroughly cleaned and placed in the box, stored in a ventilated, dry place. Of course, home air purifier in peacetime should pay attention to moisture-proof, so as not due to moisture and reduce the use of efficiency or damage.