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Composition of clean room engineering

Composition of clean room engineering



Clean Room EngineeringAlso known as a clean room or a dust-free room.

The composition of the clean room is made up of the following systems (which are indispensable in all system molecules), otherwise it will not constitute a complete and good quality clean room:

The ⑴ ceiling system comprises a boom (Ceiling rod), a beam (I-beam or u-beam), a ceiling lattice beam (Ceiling grid or Ceilingframe).

⑵ Air conditioning system includes air compartment, filter system, windmill and so on.

⑶ wall panels (partitional wall) include windows and doors.

⑷ flooring includes elevated or anti-static flooring, as well as epoxy self-leveling and rolling ground.

⑸ lighting appliances include fluorescent lamps, yellow lamps and so on.

The construction main structure of ⑹ clean room is generally made of steel bar or bone cement, but whatever the structure, the following conditions must be met:

A. There will be no cracks due to temperature changes and vibrations;

B. It is not easy to produce dust particles, and it is difficult to attach particles;

C. Moisture absorption Small;

D. In order to maintain indoor humidity conditions, thermal insulation should be high;


The cleanliness of the dust-free chamber is often affected by the airflow, in other words, the movement and diffusion of dust generated by people, machine compartments, building structures, etc., is dominated by airflow. The clean room system uses HEPA, ULPA filter air, its dust collection rate is 99.97~99.99995%, so the air filtered by this filter can be said to be very clean. However, the dust-free room In addition to people, there are machines and other sources of dust, these occurrence of dust once spread, that is, can not maintain clean space, so it is necessary to use the airflow will take place dust quickly out of the outdoors.


Dust-free indoor airflow is an important factor in the performance of the left and right clean room, the general dust-free room airflow speed is the selection of 0.25~0.5m/s, this airflow speed is a breeze area, vulnerable to people, machines and other movements and interference tends to chaos, although increasing wind speed can inhibit the impact of this disturbance and maintain cleanliness, but due to the increase in wind speed Will affect the increase in operating costs, so that the required level of cleanliness should be met with the most appropriate wind speed supply, in order to achieve an appropriate wind speed supply to achieve economic results.


On the other hand, to achieve the stability of clean room cleanliness, the maintenance of homogeneous airflow is also an important factor, if the uniform airflow can not be maintained, indicating that the wind speed is different, especially in the wall, the airflow will delay the wall surface eddy current effect, at this time to achieve high cleanliness is in fact very difficult. Vertical laminar flow direction to maintain homogeneous airflow must:

(a) There can be no difference in speed between the wind speed blowing forward;

(b) There can be no difference in speed between the wind speed of the suction surface of the floor return plate. The speed is too low or too high (0.2m/s,0.7m/s) have eddy current phenomenon, and the speed of 0.5m/s, airflow is more uniform, at present, the general clean room, its wind speed are taken between the 0.25~0.5m/s. There are many airflow factors affecting the clean room, such as process equipment, personnel, clean room assembly materials, lighting utensils, etc., and the diversion point of the airflow above the production equipment should also be taken into account. General operating table or production equipment and other surface airflow shunt point, should be located in the clean room space and partition plate spacing 2/3, so that the operator can work, the airflow can flow from the inside of the process area to the operating area, and the dust away; if the shunt point is configured in front of the process area, it will become an improper airflow shunt, At this time, most of the airflow will flow to the process area, the operator operation caused by the dust will be brought to the back of the equipment, the workbench will be polluted, the yield is bound to be reduced. Dust-free indoor work table and other obstacles, in the junction will have Eddy current phenomenon, relatively in the vicinity of the cleanliness will be poor, in the work of the desktop drilling back to the wind hole, will make the eddy current phenomenon to reduce the lowest, the choice of assembly materials is appropriate, equipment layout is perfect, but also whether the airflow has become an important factor in Eddy