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Advantages of floor Convection

Floor Convection DeviceThe advantages


A, shielded curtain wall cold/hot airflow attack

In winter, the cold glass curtain wall cools the air near the indoor side curtain wall, making it form a sinking airflow, quickly touching the ground, invading indoors, the staff in the room feel unwell; The speed of this sinking cold air, effectively affecting the area and the amount of cold caused is proportional to the height of the glass curtain wall; the floor convection air conditioning system blows the heated air upward along the curtain wall, blocking the production of cold air flow, or shielding it near the window for the purpose of protecting the indoor thermal environment;

In summer, the floor convection air conditioning system blows up the cold wind, blocking the production of hot gas near the glass, to avoid its flow along the ceiling to the indoor interference;

B, compensation for cold/thermal radiation loss

In winter, the cold glass curtain wall will produce cold radiation to the indoor air, part of which is reflected to the human body, at this time even at the qualified room temperature, people will feel uncomfortable. This is the effect of cold radiation on comfort; Floor convection air conditioning system by heating the cold radiation zone near the curtain wall air, can offset or partially compensate for the heat loss caused by cold radiation, improve the indoor thermal comfort;

In summer, the floor convection air conditioning system improves indoor thermal comfort by cooling the air in the thermal radiation area near the curtain wall, offsetting or compensating for the extra heat generated by thermal radiation.

c, to prevent curtain wall condensation

In winter, due to the high indoor temperature, air humidity, when indoor air contact with the glass curtain wall, is rapidly cooled, resulting in water analysis on the glass curtain wall, the formation of condensation or frost. The floor convection air conditioning system avoids the condensation of the glass curtain wall by heating the air around the curtain wall and increasing the airflow flow rate. Through the following set of refrigeration conditions under the laboratory data, we can see that the use of floor convection in the room air speed is low, the temperature distribution is uniform, the turbulence rate is low, comfort relative to the traditional wind plate on the air supply mode has been improved a lot.


Compared with the traditional way of mixed air supply, the form of laminar flow Air Supply has a very obvious advantage. The air in the room under the action of the heat dissipation of personnel or equipment, experienced a slow rise in the movement process, in the process, the people often move in the area (1.2 meters-1.8 meters height layer) produced by the bacteria, equipment emissions of harmful gases, will slowly rise with the movement of the air flow, and from the exhaust vents.

The special grille design of the vents allows the floor troposphere to be well integrated into a variety of modern architectural interior designs, and has different colors available to designers to choose from, increasing the diversity and artistry of the building and providing the best aesthetic results for the building. and hidden in the building of the mezzanine floor, without increasing the height of the overhead floor, for the building to save the space of smallpox equipment mezzanine, to achieve the transfer of equipment from smallpox to floor.

Mute & amp; Energy saving

The floor convection device adopts the most ideal mute effect in the current stage to send wind, compared with the traditional equipment mute effect is better. First of all, the equipment installed in the glass curtain wall and other hot exchange violent areas, upward out of the wind to form a wind curtain, in the import into the home to block the cold air to the indoor invasion, saving the energy of this part of the invasion energy treatment. Secondly, the working range of floor convection is mainly concentrated in the area of personnel activity, from the bottom up to send the wind, saving a lot of unnecessary waste. (Traditionally, air supply mode has to enter the space at the top of the room to reach the people's area of activity). Grille and equipment without mandatory fixation, easy to remove the equipment cleaning/maintenance/repair work, not only reduce the workload, but also to ensure the ease of operation, safety.