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Physical wall is too little, do not keep warm, how to do? Qingdao Ann Yuan cold and warm-floor convection to help you!

In a wide variety of glass-based modern and commercial buildings,

Conventional radiation radiators and air conditioners cannot be installed due to the small number of physical walls,

At the same time, the installation will also give people a very dissonant visual feeling,

In view of this, in the case of meeting the hot and cold load,

That is, to require the coordination of building structures and beautiful not to occupy space,

We developed a hidden installation on the floor embedded convection radiator,

You can meet a wide variety of design requirements.

The windowsill embedded radiator is a kind of convection radiator which can realize monomer or continuous arrangement,

can be designed in detail according to the shape of the building structure,

Tightly fitted to the inner wall of the building or floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall continuous layout,

Appearance without interruption, showing integrity, to achieve the unity of heating and decoration.

Window sill embedded radiator is a combination of office buildings, shopping malls and other windowsill of the special structure,

Place the heat dissipation element inside it,

The purpose of heating cold air by using limited space is achieved.

Only a very low part of the windowsill, high about 150~250mm,

The mounting height of the continuous enclosing radiator is the same as the height of the ground table,

Below left about 50mm of wind space,

Compact structure, exquisite, practical, good decorative effect.

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