Dehumidification Dust Collector

Dehumidification Dust Collector
Dehumidification Dust Collector

In the shipyard coating operation, the quality of work depends to a large extent on the air humidity during construction. Because in the coating operation, high relative humidity will often cause paint surface condensation, and in the dew surface coating, will cause corrosion of the material and reduce the effect of the coating. Therefore, in the coating process, the shipyard will often use the rotary wheel dehumidifier for drying treatment.


UseConstant temperature and humidity equipmentDrying treatment can improve the overall coating process effect. In order to adapt to the requirements of air dehumidification all year round, the most commonly used dehumidifier is the use of Rotary wheel dehumidifier with general refrigeration and dehumidification equipment.Dehumidification wheel needs high temperature hot air for desorption and regeneration.


Excellent dehumidification capability: the use of dehumidification wheels, the relative humidity can be100%The external air is converted to relative humidity in the30%The following low-humidity state of the system.


Economical system design: Apply refrigeration equipment, not only humidity, temperature can also be controlled.


Simple operation: According to the user's habits, the use of special control andPlcAnd so on easy to operate.


Dehumidification Wheel Maintenance is easy: will not be used for a long time to produce moisture solution phenomenon, and caused by low dehumidification function, can be washed with water or air.