Precision Machinery Workshop

Precision Machinery Workshop
Precision Machinery Workshop



  1. Distance between machinery and equipment small equipment is not less than
    0.7 m; Medium equipment not less than 1 m; large equipment not less than 2 m
    。 Operators and equipment should be placed on the back or in the face of staggered placement. The main channel should have a white line sign or warning indicator sign.
    2. workpieces, blanks, tools stored neatly, machining workshop generally have what safety requirements? The height cannot exceed the rotating part of the machine.
    3. The work site can not store gasoline, kerosene and other flammable and explosive items for a long time, after use should be sent away in a timely manner.
    4. Clean up iron chips and cotton yarn in time
    5. Enter the operation position should be in accordance with the regulations to wear good labor protection supplies. Summer is not allowed naked, wearing vests, shorts, skirts, high heels, sandals and so on.
    6. Lighting, the production site should be sufficient illumination. Lighting is divided into natural light and artificial light, when the natural light during the day does not reach the illumination, should be used artificial local lighting. The general operation Illumination is about a few lux, and the precision operation should be around the same. When the plant span is greater than one m, the 2 sides of a single span plant should have a lighting side window, and the width of the window should not be less than half of the length of the open. Multi-span plant connection, connected to the cross should be skylight, across and across the wall must not be sealed. Workshop channel lighting should cover all channels and cover the length of the workshop safe channel at a length greater than 90%.
    7. Requirements for the state of the ground. The width of sidewalks and roadways shall be in accordance with safety regulations; pits, trenches, ponds shall have reliable fences or covers and shall be illuminated at night; industrial waste, waste oil, waste water and waste in production sites shall be cleaned up in a timely manner; the floor of the production site shall be flat and free of stumbling.